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east Yakshi's Bar - varied cocktails and drinks

Yakshi's Bar

The heart of east


Yakshi's Bar, named after the Indian Goddess of Festivity, is as varied as its guests and drinks menu. From a relaxed after-work drink or a night cap after dinner to a celebratory cocktail to start a night out in St. Pauli: Yakshi's Bar is the perfect meeting point.

The menu boasts more than 250 drinks, shots and cocktails, including specialty east creations and a selection of premium wines and champagnes. Feeling peckish? Go for sushi, sashimi and other tasty treats on our snack menu. Yakshi's Bar - the heart of the hotel - also makes for a superb reception and ceremony setting. Find out more about Yakshi's Bar as an event location.

See drinks and snack menu here.

Opening hours

Daily from 8.00 am till open end


Phone: + 49 (0) 40 - 30 99 33
e-mail: restaurant@east-hamburg.de