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What does the term east cosmos mean?

A cosmos consists of several parts and in unity results in a large whole. We are also growing steadily with Hamburg.
In 2004 the first cornerstone of the east cosmos was laid. The east Hotel opened its doors in St. Pauli and received its guests in the chic design hotel, which was built from a former iron foundry. In the meantime, the coast by east - Seafood, Bar & Grill in an absolutely top location in Hafencity, the clouds - Heaven's Bar & Kitchen in the Tanzenden Türme and the coast by east from Mallorca are part of our east cosmos.

Our employees are tolerant and outgoing. We have people of different nationalities, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations working side by side - right from the start. Racism and exclusion for whatever reason are not tolerated or tolerated by us.