Musicals in Hamburg

Experience shows suitable for everyone

Hamburg as Germany's musical capital comes up with a big variation of shows suitable for everyone! All musical places of Hamburg Stage Theatre are centrally located. You reach them in a short time using the public transportation or the musical shuttle ferries. Find here an overview of recent musicals in Hamburg as well as combinations with an overnight stay at east Hotel Hamburg.


Paramour is set in the golden age of Hollywood entertainment. A star-crossed love triangle develops around the successful director AJ, the up-and-coming actress Indigo and the young piano player Joey. For Indigo it comes down to making a decision between love and career.

The cast of every performance will consist of six musicians, 15 actors and 23 acrobats. Circus acts will include trapeze, trampoline, pyramid and juggling performances. Aerial stunts will partly be carried out above the heads of the audience. The collaboration with Cirque du Soleil doesn’t only promise breakneck artistry but also even more colourful characters and costumes as well innovative lighting and stage decorations.


One of the best known and most enchanting cinema love stories ever is now coming to Hamburg as a musical: PRETTY WOMAN – DAS MUSICAL!

Fall in love again!
Beverly Hills in the late '80s. Vivian and Edward come from two fundamentally different worlds. They meet - and fall in love despite themselves. Despite many obstacles, they feel that they are soul mates and find not only great love ... but also themselve


The life story of the pop legend, with its ups & downs and unforgettable hits, provides a moving musical experience that takes the audience on a journey through five decades of music history - from the early successes with “Proud Mary,” to the great stage comeback in the 80’s and onto the sensational James Bond film hit “The Golden Eye” the mid-90s.

Disney The Lion King

You will be overwhelmed by the awesome masks, fantastic costumes and the unforgettable music - being a mix of pop music by Sir Elton John and original African rhythms. The unique journey to Africa starts with your arrival by ferry. Take the shuttle ferries at the Landungsbrücken to arrive at Stage Theaters at the port.

When the curtain rises, the sun rises slowly over the African savannah and Rafiki's powerful voice resounds. Enjoy the fascination of Africa in the theater hall. With inexhaustible inventiveness and boundless imagination, director Julie Taymor has transformed film history into a completely independent stage work. More then 70 international awards and prices were already won by the Disney musical "The Lion King".

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