Bombay Lounge

The perfect place for a tasting or to enjoy a private dining

The Bombay Lounge is ideal for a tasting or even a private dinner up to 24 persons. Being kind of separated, the lounge is linked to the restaurant and decorated with a spacious interior design. Enjoy the personal atmosphere fwhile having dinner with your colleagues. The Bombay Lounge can also be rent for an exclusive corporate event or an event of your choice up to 24 people. Select between block-seating or separated tables up to 4 persons. Close-by a terrace is located with more seating possibilities as well as a view to the green inner courtyard “dedon island".


  • size: 55sqm
  • capacity: 24 people
  • block seating or single tables
  • parquet flooring


  • buffet service
  • finger food butler service
  • standing tables

Technical facilities

  • flatscreen TV
  • background music throughout entire space

Good to know

  • some sounds from the restaurant might be audible
  • it isn't possible to install extra sound equipment