east Private Cinema

The 160sqm east Private Cinema, located on the ground floor of the 4-star superior east hotel, is available as a venue for a wide variety of occasions. With capacity for up to 80 people, this is an exclusive location for company or private presentations that include films, lectures and speeches.
east Private Cinema has large windows that can be completely dimmed, and is equipped with a platform in front of the cinema screen. The foyer next to the east Private Cinema offers direct access into the east garden and is the perfect location to receive your guests or host a catered reception.


  • size: 160sqm
  • capacity: 80 - 100 people
  • seating: 8 seating rows, 8 - 10 seats per row
  • screen: 9sqm  (2,25m x 4m)
  • stage: 12,5sqm

Technical facilities

  • projector: Sanyo PLC ZM5000 // Full HD
  • sound: 7.1 Sound System
  • pre-amplifiers: Marantz AV8003
  • power amplifiers: ROTEL RMB-1048 or ROTEL EMB-1095
  • feed: HDMI // DVI-D // VGA
  • sound: 3,5mm Klinke / 6 x XLR


  • buffet service (foyer)
  • finger food butler service (foyer)

Good to know 

  • food is served in the foyer only - not inside the cinema itself