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east Halloween Ball 2023


10.30 pm

east Hotel & Restaurant


The EAST HALLOWEEN BALL will also take place in October 2023 and will magically attract dark creatures and beings from other worlds... Get ready for a top-class creepy party!

The theme will be announced in the fall.
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Until then, browse through the party photos of the past years and gather inspiration for your next costume according to the motto: MORE IS MORE!
Click here for the flickr photo album.

Carrying real weapons such as firearms or stabbing weapons, knives, axes, etc. is not permitted. Any items will be confiscated by security personnel and handed over upon exit.
Photographs and/or film recordings are made during the events, which are published in various social media for the purposes of event reporting and general public relations.
The current measures to protect against infection also apply.

By participating you agree to the terms and conditions.