Hamburg attractions

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

The unique concert hall in the HafenCity of Hamburg has been opened in the end of 2016 after nine years of construction. The new signature building is more than an extraordinary concert hall, but also a great point with a view over the harbor and the "Speicherstadt". Since opening in November 2016 east Group and Störtebeker Braumanufaktur from Stralsund run the gastronomy concept Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie. On three floors visitors can experience the restaurant with nordic cuisine, handcrafted beers, shop and the café area.
TIP: Get an online reservation and free access to the Elbphilharmonie.


The HafenCity is the latest and modern district of Hamburg and arose during the past decade. The entire area has been built on the former free-trade harbour area. Admire the big cruise liners and the modern architecture of many office and private buildings. Best idea is to finish a large walk at the coast by east, the sushi restaurant with a view!

Speicherstadt (warehouse district)

Located between the rail stations Deichtorhallen and Baumwall lies the centennial Speicherstadt (warehouse district) which is knows to be the worldwide largest contiguous warehouse complex. The Speicherstadt has been build in brick Gothic at the turn of the century and offers an oddly but beautiful idyll. A night boat trip through its small channels is absolutely worth it.

Hamburg harbour

Looking at Hamburg harbour makes you feel wanderlust. More than 13.000 ships from all over the world call the second largest port of Europe every year. The harbour of Hamburg is the biggest sea port in Germany and belongs to the 12 important container ports of the world. If you go the the harbour, visit Landungsbrücken and enjoy the most delicious Fischbrötchen (fish buns) you can find. 

Fischmarkt (fish market)

Every Sunday from 5.00 am till 10.00 am (Oktober till March from 7.00 am) almost everything that is not nailed down is traded on the Fischmarkt since 1703. Famous market crier such as "Aal-Hinnerk" (Eel Hinnerk), "Bananen-Fred" (Banana Fred), "Käse-Rudi" (Cheese Rudi) und "Wurst-Herby" (Sausage Henry) entertain the early crowd and sell their goods in a show that makes you laugh yourself to tears. They are cheeky and sometimes brazen but always entertaining and make you walk home with a basket full of fruits.

Hamburger Michel (Michaelis church)

St. Michaelis church, short "Michel", is the most important baroque church in northern Germany and has been build from 1751 till 1762. The church steeple, one of Hamburgs landmarks is 132 meters high. Enjoy a beautiful view from the observation deck over the harbour and the city and watch the sinking sun beautifully sparkle in the steeples clock face.

St. Pauli Landungsbrücken

Down by the Elbe, between the lower port and the Fischmarkt you will find the famous Landungsbrücken. Besides its roll as highly recommended tourist spots, the Landungsbrücken are also an important transportation hub. Launches for harbour tour and musical shuttle ferryboats depart here. There is a subway rail station and the old Elbtunnel to visit. An ancient tunnel which transports vehicles via lift down- and upwards. Tasty fish buns and hustle and bustle give this place a special maritime flair.


Party time in Hamburgs famous entertainment district usually starts after midnight. Since the red light establishments have slipped into red numbers, entertainment and culture stoke back and raised theaters, clubs, bars and restaurants around the Reeperbahn, Hans-Albers-Platz and the streets aside. The clouds -Heaven's Bar & Kitchen is there to be found in the highest three floors of the Reeperbahn skyscraper Tanzenden Türme (Dancing Towers), a crooked building of two towers who seem to dance to the rhythm of its vivid district.

City center

Jungfernstieg, Mönckebergstrasse, Binnenalster. Remember these names when you wish for endless shopping. Hamburg is a shopping lovers best friend and famous for its malls such as the Europa Passage by the waterside promenade, the Elbe-Einkaufszentrum (EEZ) or the Alster-Einkaufs-Zentrum (AEZ). Spitalerstrasse and Mönckebergstraße are close to the grand central station and belong to the popular shopping miles of Hamburg. If you wish for more exclusive stores, head to Neuer Wall and Hanse Viertel where you will find expensive and luxury brands.

Alster arcades

Between Jungfernstieg and town hall, facing the river end you can find the beautiful Alster arcades, which have been build in 1843 by Alexis Châteauneuf. The memorial "Barlach-Stele", a 21 meters high monumental pillar reminds of the killed soldiers of World War I and II. 


The idyllic district Blankenese in the west of the city by the beach of the Elbe river has been named by the ancient wording "blanke Ness", which means "weißer Sand" (white sand). The beautiful and many staircases of Blankenese are a popular destination for tourists and locals at the same time. Beautiful small houses and landscape within only 15 minutes reach from downtown Hamburg is worth a visit.

Hagenbecks zoo

The beautiful and unique zoo built in 1907 is the home of more than 2500 animals in naturally designed huge enclosures and a very popular attraction in the city. The massive aquarium is open daily till

This is just a small glimpse into the never ending list of attraction Hamburg has to offer.