Sustainable cuisine at east cosmos

From Farm to Fork

The origin of our food

With the slogan: “Our food. Your questions.” we want to show off the quality and origin of our dishes. Therefore we would like to bring the actors behind the scenes into the spotlight. We want to introduce the supplier and producer of our foods to you, giving some information about their products and quality requirement. 

Every restaurant of the east cosmos (east Hamburg, clouds - Heaven's Bar & Kitchen, coast by east) counts on regional traditions including best ingredients of best producers from Germany, Spain, Argentina and some other countries. Very important for us is the close contact to all of them – because we are driven to present you meals with stories, which are made of sustainably manufactured ingredients.

The supply chain starts on the field and spreads out until we serve our dishes to you. Therefore every supplier is an important member of this chain. 

Along with dry aged beef and high-quality fish offers, the head chefs and their teams love to work with vegetables of certified companies, which are cultivating with passion and special diligence. Our concern is to give the carefully chosen products the deserved significance by sustainable and creative cooking.

Following suppliers and producers, sorted by type of food, are in charge of your dishes:

Meat specialities, Special Cuts & Dry Age

Our Special Cuts of animals from Schleswig-Holstein, North Germany and the U.S. are carefully selected by our suppliers and guarantee high-quality taste and texture due to species-appropriate feeding and special care. 

From ocean & rivers

The traditional Hamburg-based company “Hummer Pedersen” supplies fresh fishes and whole tuna fish at the daily base.

Fresh delicacies

As our long-time reliable supplier and partner “Frische Paradies Hamburg“ is in charge of natural freshness from around the world.

Salads & herbs

Responsible for our salads is “Der Keltenhof“, the most innovative and latest salad manufacturer in Germany.

Vegetables & fruits

The vegetable varieties and field crops processed by east are freshly assembled at Hamburg’s wholesale market.

Italian delicacies

We receive our aromatic truffles, soft mozzarella and rich oils from “il-sole” in Hamburg.

Asian delicacies

Our Japanese Specials come from SSP Trade & Consult.


We receive our coffee from the regional supplier G.C. Breiger & Company GmbH. Breiger values traditional and regional production, the support of sustainable farming and the guarantee of a transparent value chain. The coffee beans by IkaCoffee optain a cooperation from the region Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.