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Certified Green Hotel Lable

east Hotel is "Green"

Hotel and gastronomy in transition

The idea of sustainability has long since found its way into the east Hotel & Restaurant. For many years we have been trying to develop measures to conserve resources, examine and optimize supply and value chains and develop strategies for the future.In the following you will learn more about individual measures and future plans to continuously develop the east Hotel & Restaurant in terms of sustainability.

  • Power sources from renewable energies
  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • Funding and subsidy for public transport
  • Sustainable value chains
  • Fair trade products
  • Kitchen waste management
  • Power and resource-saving lighting
  • Sports promotion of the workforce
  • Room tablets instead of paper brochures
  • Efficient air conditioning
  • Regional water
  • Regional and seasonal foods

Our carbon footprint

Low carbon footprint per guest

According to calculations by VIABONO GmbH, a value of 15.54 kg CO2 was determined per overnight stay.
The east Hotel was thus classified in climate efficiency class A.


Viabono GmbH was founded in 2001 on the initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Federal Environment Agency and various leading associations with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism in Germany. Today the Viabono carrier association e. V. consists of a total of 16 nationally active associations.

Hotel industry

Measures for more sustainability
  • Natural rubber flip flops and tooth brushes made of bamboo
    Hotel guests are provided with flip-flops made of natural rubber with paper sleeves and tooth brushes made from 100% bamboo in the rooms. Guests are encouraged to take the flip-flops home with them for further use.

  • Refillable Molton Brown products
    The products in the Molton Brown care series are not tested on animals and are paraben-free. The ingredients are vegetarian and the packaging is made from up to 50% recycled PET. After consumption by hotel guests, the products are refilled from large containers instead of being replaced.

  • Room tablet instead of paper brochures
    Hotel guests receive all information about the hotel and the gastronomy via the tablets in the rooms.Paper brochures are not used.On the tablets, guests will find a tile with tips for the careful use of resources during their hotel stay.

  • Regional mineral water
    MAGNUS mineral water is available to our guests in the hotel rooms, in the conference area of ​​the hotel and in the restaurant. The water is pumped in Norderstedt in northern Germany and filled into glass bottles.

  • Electromobility
    In the underground garage, we have five electric vehicle charging stations, allowing up to ten cars to charge at once. Here, hotel and restaurant visitors can “fill up” for free
  • Bike racks in the underground car park
    In order to make it easier for employees to travel by bike, there are bicycle racks on the first floor of the in-house underground car park. Here the bikes can be parked dry and safe.

  • Climate-neutral printed matter
    We obtain our printed matter from the organically certified service provider Flyeralarm and, when ordering, pay attention to the payment of the CO2 compensation as well as the choice of natural and recycled paper or FSCTM / PEFCTM-certified products.

  • Disused furniture
    Disused furniture from the hotel and restaurant stock, such as chairs, shelves, poster furniture, etc. is given away to the college.

  • THINK GREEN option
    For a number of years, we have been recommending the THINK GREEN option to hotel guests. The option includes no linen change for stays up to three nights, as well as the "towel-floor" rule.

  • Save energy with a room card
    In the 43 hotel rooms, which were finished in 2019, energy savers are installed, which regulate the power supply by inserting or removing the room card when entering and leaving the room.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents
    The cleaning and disinfection of the hotel rooms (except for the sanitary areas) and public areas is carried out with ozone-laced water. Using a device from the manufacturer Ecofrog, tap water is processed into environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Gastronomy area

Products and sustainable use
  • From Farm to Fork
    In the areas of gastronomy, we are pursuing our "From Farm to Fork" strategy consisting of transparent supply chains of the producers, the procurement of regional and fair trade products and food.
    Read more about our "From Farm to Fork" principle and our suppliers.

  • Living space on the green roof
    Large parts of the roof area are green and offer protection and habitat for insects and birds, such as the oystercatcher, which is native to northern Germany and calls its nesting site here every year. There is also a beehive on the roof whose numerous residents are cared for and cared for by our beekeeping partner PLACE4BEES according to DE-ÖKO-022.The honey harvested from the beehive can be purchased in small quantities in the east shop during the season.

  • Waiver of packaging
    The sushi sticks used in gastronomy are made from the rapidly renewable raw material bamboo and do not require any additional paper packaging.

  • LED candles instead of real wax
    In the public areas of the east Hotel & Restaurant, the use of paraffin wax candles and tealights has recently been changed to LED candles. The wax residues that accumulated before the conversion were regularly removed by local hobby candlemakers and private individuals for further processing.

  • ReUUSI coffee mug
    When choosing the to-go coffee cups we use, we use ReUUSI cups and cardboard lids, the plastic content of which is so low that they can be thrown away with the paper waste after enjoying a cup of coffee. Recyclability classification: AAA (> 95%)*

  • Cardboard drinking straws
    At the bar and in the restaurant we only use cardboard drinking straws.

  • Less food waste
    In order to minimize the waste of food from the breakfast range, "magic bags" with unused pastries, fruit, baked goods, etc. are packed daily via the TOO GOOD TO GO platform and handed out to customers of the app for a small price.

  • Short sources of value
    The east Food Manufactury in the Fleischgroßmarkt Hamburg, not far from the east Hotel, has been supplying our businesses directly with much-needed basic products such as soups, broths, gnaws, jus, meat and vegetable preparations, which are used in daily restaurant operations in larger amounts are consumed. Short delivery routes and consistent quality with the greatest possible transparency is our contribution to sustainability.




Personnel and social affairs

Sustainability begins on the way to the workplace
  • Subsidy for public transport
    All employees of the east cosmos are entitled to a subsidy for the HVV ProfiCard and thus also use the public transport offer for private transport at reduced conditions. The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, the HOCHBAHN and the S-Bahn Hamburg run with 100% green electricity.*

  • Sports promotion and prevention
    With a free membership of the Kaifu Lodge and the Urban Sports Club in Hamburg and the surrounding area, the employees of the east cosmos have numerous sports offers at their disposal. Employees with sedentary activities can use ergonomic desks at their workplace if they wish.

  • Custom-fit work shoes
    The right footwear prevents long-term pain in the feet and the entire musculoskeletal system. Since 2022, SIKA Footwear has been equipping east cosmos employees in movement-intensive work areas, such as restaurants, kitchens, shopping, etc., with perfectly fitting work shoes.

  • Education and study
    The east Hotel & Restaurant GmbH has been training people in various professions for many years and has sometimes been awarded several times by the IHK as the best training company.From October 2022 there will also be the opportunity to complete the operational part of a dual course of study at the IU Hamburg in the east Hotel & Restaurant.

  • Social commitment
    Every autumn, the workforce collects clothing donations for the CaFée mit Herz e.V. and thus supports social work in the St. Pauli district. In addition, the east Hotel & Restaurant has been a member of the "Lebendiges Kulturerbe St. Pauli e.V." association since 2019, which supports the promotion and preservation of St. Pauli's cultural assets.
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  • Principles of equality and tolerance
    east cosmos employs people from over 30 countries. They follow different religions, speak different mother tongues and have different skin colors and personal backgrounds.This peaceful diversity is a core pillar of company policy and is inseparably interwoven with the company philosophy.
    There is zero tolerance for insulting, racist or anti-Semitic comments within the staff and from/to guests of the house. Violations will be punished with immediate warnings or house bans.  


Full steam ahead

The future will be greener

The conversion of a large operation, such as the east Hotel & Restaurant, to "green" is a constant process that we try to implement with all our strength every day. In addition to the measures already described, we are constantly working on further solutions for lower emissions and environmental pollution.

The following measures are planned:

  • Complete switch to electricity from sustainable sources
  • Expansion of the range of charging stations for electric cars




Status: July 2022